Grandparent only allowed to see grandchild if they do chores

A grandmother has shared her frustration about having to do chores in order to see her grandchild. She claims that her daughter-in-law only allows her to visit if she helps out around the house, but other parents have warned her to tread carefully when discussing this issue.

The birth of a new baby is usually a happy time for all family members, but one grandmother feels left out. She believes that her daughter-in-law’s mother gets to spend more time with the baby, even though she lives further away.

The woman was told by her son that the other grandmother was helping with household tasks, but she wasn’t convinced as she saw photos of the other granny just cuddling the baby.

She sought advice from’s agony aunt Prudence and revealed that she had offered to help with chores but was criticised for doing them incorrectly.

“When they have invited me over, I have offered to do chores too,” she claimed. “One time, my daughter-in-law told me that I was washing the bottles incorrectly. The next time I arrived, she had a note printed of steps to take to wash the bottles taped up to the fridge, like I was an idiot!”

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