‘I’m sleeping with my best friend’s husband’

“Sarah is basically my best friend,” Nick, 34, shared to Reddit. “She is married to Jeff… they married six years ago.”

Nick revealed: “Her husband and I weren’t really close, she was the only thing we had in common, he was even jealous of me until he found out I was gay.

“Six months ago, her husband and I had sex for the first time and we loved it, and we haven’t stopped.”

Meeting for a secret rendevous two to three times per week, Sarah’s husband told Nick he is considering leaving her for him.

“I was on board,” Nick confessed. “But Sarah told me something that makes me feel like trash even more than I felt before.”

Sarah is pregnant again; she and Jeff already have a four-year-old son together, who calls Nick “Uncle”.

“Sarah told me she was letting me know before her husband because I was her best friend,” said Nick.

“It broke my f***ing heart because I’m being an a**hole to her by doing this behind her back.”

Nick continued: “She told me to have lunch together but I declined, [because] I don’t think I deserve to be in her presence.

“Her husband doesn’t know about the pregnancy yet; she was planning to tell him at dinner.”

Nick is now unsure whether to end things with Jeff even though he “loves him”, and is feeling super confused.

“Sarah doesn’t deserve to be lied [to],” Nick shared. “I think I should confess… my biggest fear is that I’ll never get her forgiveness.”

In the comments section, one posted: “You do not deserve her forgiveness… As if you both being male would make it less of a betrayal or something?

“You carried on a long-term emotional and sexual relationship with your best friend’s husband.”

The commenter said “you owe her the truth” and feels deeply sorry for “this poor woman”.

Another said: “I hope she doesn’t continue being your friend after she finds out, she deserves a better husband and a better friend.”

As to whether the affair came out or not is one that many people are left pondering about.

*Names have been changed from the story that was originally shared to Reddit.

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