Optical illusion reveals if you are more distrusting or confident when it comes to love

This optical illusion claims to reveal what kind of person you are in a relationship – and what about your personality attracts people to do.

Mia Yilin is a popular optical illusion creator online who has amazed her fans with her ability to pinpoint their personality with the latest frosty brainteaser that she has shared.

Take three seconds to look at the picture above, and it should either look like a snow-covered tree in winter or a picture of a lion’s face.

Whatever you see first can “say a lot about your personality” according to Mia, as it should show you something about your love life.

In Mia’s comment section, fans were astonished by the results. One user said the predictions were “very true” for them while another commentator wrote: “It’s like you can read my mind!”

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If you first saw a lion, then the first thing people notice about you is your outgoing and driven personality.

You love people and can find it very easy to make friends due to your confidence. People are also attracted to you due to your laidback nature as you hate drama or being involved in any conflict.

Those around you admire you due to how reliable you are as they know you will always go out of your way to help other people.

You are also incredibly optimistic about the future and very hardworking. You have a plan of what you want in life and your confidence is often what attracts people to you.

Mia said: “You have a lot of goals for the future and like to spend your free time thinking about your ideal life. Because of how intelligent and hardworking you are, you know that your dreams will definitely come true.”

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