Simple drain unblocking trick will change how you clean forever – and it’s free

Blocked drains are a nightmare – they’re smelly, unsightly and can be a real headache to clear. But fear not, as a TikTok user has come to the rescue with an incredibly simple hack to unblock your drains without spending a penny.

This nifty trick is set to revolutionise your cleaning routine.

The savvy TikToker, known as “ouisaucy”, has been inundated with comments after sharing his clever video, with scores of people expressing their gratitude for the tip after seeing it work wonders.

In the footage, viewers are shown a sink that’s backed up without any visible cause. Rather than rushing to phone a plumber, the ingenious user demonstrates how to cover the plughole with a hand and pump vigorously, effectively emulating a plunger’s action.

A few attempts later, and voila the water begins to drain smoothly with barely any effort. It’s the ultimate easy solution.

One impressed viewer exclaimed: “I cannot tell you how grateful I am!”, while another confirmed: “Absolutely works! Family looks at me like I’m crazy for doing this.”

Someone else recounted their success, saying: “Stood there for about 35 minutes trying to figure out what to do and I tried two pumps of this and it’s unblocked!”

Plumbworld expert Jennifer Shaw backed up the method, stating: “This is actually a very useful way of aiding small blockages along. Your hand essentially acts in the same way as a plunger and will unclog small bits of debris that may have got caught in the pipes.

“Most of the time, this method should work but if you’re still having trouble then using a drain unblocker or calling a professional might be the only option.”

She added: “Another easy way to help unblock a drain with just the use of household products is simply mixing one-third of a cup of vinegar with one-third of a cup of baking soda. When it starts to fizz, quickly pour it down your clogged drain and it should do the trick.

“It’s incredibly important to keep your drains clear so it is worth getting yourself a plughole sieve to stop things going down the plughole that shouldn’t.”

If this cleaning tip wasn’t enough for you, maybe you’ll be impressed with an easy way to get your toilet sparkling. A woman recently shared how to liven up your loo on TikTok, and people were left super impressed.

After using your toilet bowl cleaner, it’s vital to “disinfect it” and let it “dry before storing”. For this trick, make sure your toilet is already clean since the handle rests between the seat and the lid.

Afterward, spritz your toilet brush with any disinfectant spray to keep it hygienic.

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