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Households including a member receiving the State Pension could receive seven freebies totalling a value of £3,262 and discounts aimed at coping with the cost of living crisis.

The State Pension is a weekly payment from the DWP available to men and women past the age of 66 and is currently claimed by an estimated 12,579,000 Brits.

In addition to the weekly payments claimants can also access a number of benefits and discounts to save them money and assure comfort as retirement age.

These potential benefits include, free dental treatment, a free TV Licence and even a discount on council tax.

Here we will take you through a list of these handy benefits and how much they could save you.

Free dental treatment – Savings of £282

NHS support for people on low incomes can be made available to people receiving the State Pension if they are receiving financial support. This means that Brits can access free dental healthcare if they are currently receiving:

Universal Credit (depending on your earnings)

Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

– Pension Credit Guarantee Credit with Savings Credit

– Income Support

– Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

– Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance

Free prescriptions – Savings of £118

Pensioners are able to receive free medication with a standard NHS prescription as all prescriptions are free for individuals over the age of 60.

For those that took early retirement certain prescriptions can still be accessed for certain medical conditions including hypothyroidism, diabetes or epilepsy. Similarly there are certain items that are always accessible such as contraceptives.

Free bus pass – Savings of £128

Currently Brits that have reached the State Pension age are eligible for free bus travel across the country, an average yearly savings of £128 based on the price of bus tickets and how often pensioners utilise the free tickets.

London residents have free access to public transport past the age of 60 including rides on busses, trains and the underground.

Free TV Licence – Savings of £169

Brits claiming a State Pension over the age of 75 are entitles to access a free TV licence, a savings of £169 for those wishing to access the BBC.

Council tax discount – Savings up to £2,171

Brits on State Pension that are on a low income or claiming benefits could access a discount on their council tax. These potential discounts could extend as far as 100 percent and are applicable to those who own their home, rent, are unemployed or working.

There are many factors that could affect how much of a discount you receive including your age, your income (including benefits), your savings, who you live with, how much Council Tax you pay.

It may also be reduced for thos receiving a disability or carer’s benefit.

Social tariffs – Savings of £234

Some broadband providers offer social tariffs so that those accessing benefits can use the internet. This can work out significantly cheaper for those currently receiving financial aid and ensure that they can afford their bills. These social tariffs can save £20 a month compared to more expensive broadband deals.

Water Bill discounts – Savings of £160

Money Saving Expert revealed that 5.7million households could reduce their water bills by up to £160 a year through social water tariff support schemes.

The MSE explained: “Every water company (in England & Wales) has a social tariff scheme for those on low incomes which can lower bills or cap what you pay. Many firms have just updated their criteria for 2024 – to see if you qualify.”

Free insulation and boiler grants – Savings of £1,000s

Grants are available to vulnerable households through the ECO initiative, which offers free insulation to homes across England, Scotland and Wales.

Similarly households could save between £100 – £450 annually on energy bills by improving their insulation through accessing these grants.

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