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Smelling good is fundamental – it elevates self-esteem, boosts our confidence and – most importantly – ensures a pleasant aroma.

As such, we frequently douse ourselves in perfume or aftershave prior to stepping out. However, as the day progresses, these fragrances can gradually fade due to factors like sweating and constant movement.

But luckily, a recent viral hack has provided the key to ensure our preferred scents last all day. The useful tip was shared on TikTok by a user known as Charla’s Cleaning Hacks, and the response has been amazing.

In the shared video, Charla is seen melting a small pot of Vaseline using boiling water, which turns the product into a liquefied form. She then spritzes this with her chosen scent and chills it in the fridge until it regains some solidity.

To use it, she simply dips her fingers into the pot and applies the perfumed Vaseline to her neck or wrist, offering a portable solution for fragrance top-ups throughout the day.

It’s an ingenious method receiving much praise on social media. In the comments section of the post, viewers were quick to chime in with their reactions.

One wrote: “Kinda wanna do this.” Another commented: “So good.”

Others suggested alternatives for melting the Vaseline, adding: “You could always melt it on the radiator to save burning your fingers.” Meanwhile, another joked about potential mishaps with the method, saying: “All fun and games until you forget and stick it on your lips.”

If you’re sceptical about the theory, it’s actually said to have a logical basis, as fragrances don’t tend to last long on dry skin. Moreover, alcohol, which forms the base of most popular perfumes, can cause the skin to dry out even more.

A journalist from The Guardian once put this theory to the test by applying some petroleum jelly to one of her wrists before spritzing perfume on it. By the end of the day, she confessed the wrist with the jelly definitely retained a stronger scent.

The following day, she took her experiment up a notch by using deeper, wood-based notes which are known to linger longer on the skin. She repeated the process and was once again impressed with the results.

The journalist confirmed the hack works, as it significantly helped her to maintain a pleasant smell for a longer duration. Plus, this ingenious trick could potentially help you save money.

After all, smelling good comes at a cost, and no one wants to waste their sprays by constantly reapplying throughout the day. Consider how much you’re wasting in an attempt to stay fresh.

If you apply a bit of petroleum jelly onto your neck before spraying your perfume, it appears you could really slow down the drying out process and maintain a pleasant fragrance for a longer period. Who would’ve thought?

So, for those who don’t fancy melting their jelly pots, you could try applying a little to your neck or wrist before spraying. It’s super easy!

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