Vladimir Putin dealt huge blow as ‘armed individual’ storms crucial metal plant in Russia | World | News

Vladimir Putin was handed yet another major blow after an armed individual raided a crucial metal plant in central Russia.

Local reports said the Ryaztsvetmetenergo plant was attacked for the second time in a matter of weeks, with witnesses reporting they could hear explosions and see huge clouds of smoke coming out of the plant.

Managers and employees at the plant in Ryazan, 196km southeast of Moscow, demanded immediate action from regional governor Pavel Malkov to stop the attacks.

They described the break as “a raider takeover,” claiming a tractor had also been used to tear down the fence protecting the plant.

Footage shared on social media appears to show scenes shot from inside the plant, with several people standing in what appears to be an internal courtyard surrounded by thick grey smoke.

Shouting and the distinct sound of an explosion could then be heard, as a man is seen holding on and seemingly dragging another man along before disappearing out of shot.

The plant is Russia‘s main manufacturer of lead and lead alloys, and the majority of its production is used in the manufacturing of automotive batteries.

Details on the causes of the attack were not available at the time of publication.

Ryazan had been attacked last month when Governor Malkov confirmed that a local oil refinery had been struck by a drone.

Footage showed the building had caught fire following the attack. The official insisted the unmanned vehicle had been shot down but did not clarify how many drones had been involved in the incident.

Russian oil hubs and manufacturing infrastructure have come under increasing fire in recent months as Ukraine continues to push back against invading forces.

And American President Joe Biden this week relaxed its stance on Kyiv deploying US-supplied long-range weapons against Russia – opening the doors for more damaging strikes on Russian soil.

Ukrainian officials had expressed frustration over restrictions on the use of Western weapons — especially as the border region of Kharkiv has endured a Russian onslaught this month that has stretched Kyiv’s outgunned and outmanned forces.

Beyond offering Ukraine a chance to better protect Kharkiv by targeting Russian capabilities in the region, it’s not clear what effect the easing of restrictions might have on the direction of the conflict in what is proving to be a critical period.

But it drew a furious response from Moscow and warnings it could draw Russia into war with NATO.

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