UK tourists sent two-word warning as Spain slaps strict new rules on tourists | World | News

The UK’s Ambassador to Spain has pleaded with Brits to “show responsibility” and restraint in their booze-fuelled capers.

Tensions are rising as quickly as the temperature in Spain as locals fume over disrespectful behaviour from tourists.

Now a key player in relations between the UK and Spain has spoken up – and begged Brits to remember they are guests in the country.

Hugh Elliott’s visit comes as thousands of protestors flooded the streets in holiday hotspots across Europe as locals believe that tourism is changing their way of life for the worse.

They say it’s causing traffic chaos, environmental harm as plastics fill the seas and poor living conditions as natives are forced out of properties that have soared in price.

Mr Elliott was in Majorca to publicise the Stick With Your Mates campaign for responsible alcohol consumption. 

According to The Sun, he said: “Generally what we all want is responsibility.

“During holidays we all want to have a good time, don’t we, and young people above all.

“This is about understanding what responsibility is about, responsibility as guests because us foreigners are guests here in Spain and in Calvia, it’s a question of knowing how to behave with responsibility and have a good time.

“The tourism here is a type of tourism that appreciates the destination.”

The plea from Mr Elliott comes after regional government chiefs announced restrictions designed to curb alcohol-fuelled antics.

These new rules include the forced night-time closure of shops selling alcohol. There will also be fines of up to £1,300 for people caught drinking alcohol in the street.

The rising tensions between holidaymakers and tourists come as locals fume over what they call overtourism.

In the Canaries and the Balearics residents have pleaded for crackdowns on visitor numbers. 

Spanish publication asked its readers on their thoughts on how to control the number of visitors into Majorca and Menorca.

In Tenerife, thousands took to the streets to protest for the cause. Locals have also fumed over similar issues in Greece.

Last month protestors took to the streets of the Athens to let the world know that they are furious at the amount of tourists invading their city. 

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