Tourist leaves followers in stitches with sea view room | World | News

A tourist who forked out for a room with a majestic view was left sorely disappointed upon her arrival.

Argentine influencer Clarisa Murgia took to video sharing social media platform TikTok to recount her holiday misadventure.

The brief clip initially shows a room with a balcony overlooking a stunning panorama featuring turquoise waters, a boat sailing in the sea and a coast in the distance.

However, as the TikToker gets closer to the balcony, it becomes apparent the view is not quite what it seems, as the fantastic view turns out to be a massive poster plastered on the wall opposite the room.

In the video, the woman claimed to have rented a bed and breakfast with a sea view – and that she felt “scammed” after seeing where she had ended up.

The clip also read: “No one has ever deceived me like this before, hahaha.”

Ms Murgia did not share on which platform she had booked her rental nor where it was located, but appeared to suggest she was in Italy, as she used the country’s tag in her caption and used its flag in the video.

Published on May 18, the clip quickly gathered tens of thousands of likes, sitting at more than 284,000 four days later.

The clip also received hundreds of comments from equally sympathetic and amused social media users.

One Italian user wrote: “Only Italians can do a similar thing ahahah welcome to Italy”.

Another TikToker joked: “The positive side of this is that there is always a good weather”.

Others provided a piece of advice to the influencer for her future holidays, telling her to check her desired location through Google Street View before confirming a booking to make sure the listing reflects reality.

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