Terrifying moment plane bounces along the runway at one of world’s most dangerous airports | World | News


A plane could be seen bouncing along the runway in terrifying footage shot at one of the world’s most dangerous airports.

The TAP Air Portugal Airbus was coming in to land at Madeira Airport after travelling from Porto Santo when a cloud of smoke could be seen around the plane as it touched down in strong winds.

As the plane came in things appeared to be going smoothly but as it approached the runway it began to rock from side to side.

At one point the plane begins to nosedive towards to runway before being jolted back up into the air by its pilot.

After bumping and swaying several times along the runway, the plane eventually makes a safe landing, when the smoke can then be seen.

It is then steered in a straight line down the remainder of the runway before the footage is ended.

Madeira is the ninth most dangerous airport in the world according to the History Channel, with crew having to take additional training to land in the Portuguese archipelago.

It is nearly 250 miles north of the Canaries and 320 miles west of Morocco, making it subject to several climate systems – including harsh winds.

The video footage which was posted to the Madeira Airport Spotting YouTube channel saw more than 640 comments from shocked viewers.

One commented: “It is absolutely insane this touchdown. Go around and try again captain.”

While another added: “This is for sure the wildest landing ever at Madeira Airport.”


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