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Taylor Momsen has been nicknamed “bat girl” after a bat bit her during a show.

Momsen’s rock band The Pretty Reckless were supporting AC/DC in the Spanish city of Seville on Wednesday night when the bat flew on to her leg during the song Witches Burn.

As fans pointed and shouted, Momsen, who is best known for playing Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, asked them what they were pointing at before realising.

“There’s a f***ing flying bat on my leg right now, can someone help me please?” she said calmly into the microphone.

Her composed reaction was noted – a concert-goer can be heard in the crowd murmuring “very professional” in Spanish.

“I must really be a witch,” Momsen said as her bandmates and backstage staff tried to remove the bat.

When it was finally gone, she threw an arm into the air and said: “Gracias. It’s alright and the bat is fine. He’s going to be my new friend.”

After the gig, Momsen was taken to hospital for a rabies shot. She posted on Instagram saying: “He was cute, but yes, he bit me… so rabies shots for the next two weeks.”

She also shared a picture of the bite marks, showing four red puncture wounds on her thigh.

Taylor Momsen during the AC/DC Power Up Tour. File pic: AP
Taylor Momsen during the AC/DC Power Up Tour. File pic: AP

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Hospital staff called the singer “bat girl” after seeing the story appear on local news, Momsen said in her post.

Some people are comparing her bat incident to the moment rock legend Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off a bat 42 years ago.

“That was just Ozzy’s way of passing the buck. You have been chosen as the princess of darkness,” posted one X user.

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The Pretty Reckless are supporting AC/DC throughout their entire Power Up tour which is coming to London’s Wembley Stadium in early July.

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