Syria claims Israel bombed air base in Homs region amid WW3 fears | World | News

The Syrian army claims Israel has struck targets in the Homs province as fears over a possible World War heighten.

A number of people are said to have been injured or killed in the attacks, which were just north of Lebanon.

Targets included the Shayrat air base, near Homs, and other locations near to the city, reports the BBC.

Since the war between Hamas and Israel broke out in October last year, Israeli attacks on Iran-backed militia have increased.

A war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said four people had been killed in Tuesday evening’s attacks.

Meanwhile Syrian state television is said to have shown ambulances rushing to the scene of an airstrike. It is unclear where the attack was, but rubble from a building could reportedly be seen.

Two civilians are among the dead, the Syrian Observatory told AFP news agency.

Israel has conducted strikes in Syria for years. While it says the attacks are against Iran-backed targets, it rarely comments on individual assaults.

Israeli forces have been in Syria since the country supported President Bashar al-Assad during the Syrian civil war. The USA last week said it too had bombed Iran-backed targets in Syria and Iraq

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