Stop buying new white socks – try easy method to whiten yours instead

You may be tempted to buy a batch of new white socks when yours start to gray, but you don’t have to keep spending money on them.

Instead, you can give this method a go to make yours appear squeaky clean.

Samantha, who often posts fashion content on TikTok, has shared how to get your socks bright and white.

In a video, she said: “Stop buying new packs of white socks, I’m gonna show you how to clean your dirty ones.

“First off, Oxiclean spray. I spray the bottom of the sock, the top if it looks dirty, just all over.

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Samantha showed off the final results of the socks which were now incredibly white.

“Look how white these come out. I have so many pairs because I was buying new pack after new pack, and now I don’t have to do that.”

People left comments on the helpful video.

“Wow that’s impressive,” one person said.

Another impressed viewer said: “Thank you so much out of all the videos I seen yours was the best and it worked.”

Another enthusiastic commenter said: “Yay!!!! I needed this!!! I’m gonna try it this weekend!!!”

And backing the method, someone else said: “That stuff is the absolute BEST!!!!”

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