Save money on teeth whitening solution with special discount

If you’ve been looking into teeth whitening solutions to transform your smile but don’t fancy forking out hundreds of pounds at the dentist, we have revealed a sneaky discount code that’ll help you get money off a best-selling home teeth whitening products.

The dentist-back brand MySweetSmile has been hailed by customers for being a ‘game changer’ when it comes to banishing tough stains from their teeth which have been caused by years of drinking tea, coffee, cola, wine and smoking. For example, by using the best-selling £25 teeth whitening powder (which has been reduced from £29.99), users have cited a dazzling brightness to their smile in as little as one use.

So, if you’re aiming for a Hollywood smile this summer, use our exclusive discount code REACH10 at checkout to get money off your entire next order – valid until 14th June at 11.59pm.

There’s more than one way to save money as well, with the brand offering two more deals including buy one get one free, and a buy three for the price of two offer. However, these promo deals can’t be combined with the 10% discount code, reports The Mirror. 

The whitening powder has consistently been the brand’s best-selling product and since its launch, it has garnered a whopping 4.7-star rating on MySweetSmile’s website – a rating supported by over 500,000 impressive reviews, many of which praise the product for making their teeth look ‘better than ever’.

What’s more is this is a non-abrasive, mess-free – and colour-free – solution that, unlike many teeth whitening products, is free from harmful peroxide and boasts a minty-fresh flavour, which seems to be a hit with shoppers – especially those with sensitive teeth. You can use the powder safe in the knowledge that your enamel will remain intact too – cites the brand – as it contains Pentasodium Triphosphate, an ingredient that oxidises teeth stains, diminishing them without damaging your tooth enamel.

With a white powder formula, you won’t need to worry about this product staining your bathroom sink with any potential spillages as, unlike many ‘whitening solutions’, it doesn’t have a colour-correcting purple tinge, nor does it contain charcoal (which has often been hailed for helping whiten teeth).

Many people have enjoyed the ease at which is it added into their daily routine, only being needed for two to four minutes twice a week before brushing your teeth as you normally would.

One said: “I have brought so many products for my teeth over the years but never have any of them actually done what they claim. Since I have found MySweetSmile I won’t go anywhere else. I love how white they make my teeth and so easy to use and minimal effort.”

With such impressive results, it’s no surprise many shoppers ae stocking up (a pot lasts up the six months), with one returning customer sharing how it leaves their smile clean as well as white.

A really great product, not only does it remove stains it makes your teeth much whiter and brighter, it seems to be the only product I’ve found that actually leaves your teeth feeling clean and fresh. This was my 2nd order. With super speedy delivery as well.”

Another added: “I bought this product to try it as I smoke and drink black tea and coffee , I always felt my teeth colour let my smile down. I didn’t think it would make a difference , but how wrong was I. It’s amazing my family and friend are also ordering it now they have seen the results I have had. MySweetSmile is great it’s a must buy for a clean white smile.”

While you may think brushing your teeth with a powder with have a ‘gritty’ texture, one shopper busted this worry and said: “Nice texture and easy to use! I was expecting the texture to be really gritty but it mixes nicely once brushing. Used it for 3 applications now and it genuinely makes my teeth feel just like they do after a hygienist appointment!”

Although a large majority of customers experienced a whiter smile in a matter of uses, some shoppers were left ‘disappointed’ when they saw ‘no change’ to their teeth colour after a month – although they did remark: “Mouth does feel a lot fresher.”

For those who prefer not to use a powder, MySweetSmile’s whitening goodies don’t stop there as they have plenty of other alternatives including their PAP Teeth Whitening Strips, Precision Teeth Whitening Pen and nHA+ Enamel Care Serum which are all included in the discount offer. If you don’t want the hassle of whitening solutions in addition to your dental routine, Pearl Drpos’ Strong Polished White Toothpaste has given shoppers impressive results at it’s just £7 at Boots. Or for something a bit more professional, SmileTime’s Teeth Whitening Kit comes in at £39.99 and includes an LED light and PAP gel to whiten your smile.

To take advantage MySweetSmile’s 10% discount, don’t forget to enter REACH10 at the checkout when purchasing any of the teeth-whitening products mentioned above.

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