Roy Keane opens up on ‘shock’ after being headbutted by fan during Arsenal match | Football | Sport

Roy Keane has revealed that he was left ‘in shock’ after he was allegedly headbutted by a fan during Manchester United’s clash with Arsenal. The pundit was covering the match at the Emirates Stadium when the incident is said to have occurred.

Keane cheered when his former side, United, scored, which is claimed to have sparked a reaction from the accused. The alleged attack occurred as Keane looked to make his way to the pitch, along with fellow Sky Sports pundit Micah Richards, for post-match analysis.

He is said to have been attacked en route to the pitch. Keane took the stand on Wednesday at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court as he provided evidence against Scott Law, who is denying a charge of common assault.

Keane said: “There was lots of noise and shouting as you would expect at a football match. I was just walking and before I knew it, I was hit. I was absolutely not expecting it.

“The only way I can describe it is that I was in shock. I didn’t expect it to happen, not when I was in my workplace. We missed the final two goals but that was the least of my worries.”

Keane went on to speak of how he sustained bruising on his chest and arms following the alleged attack.

Law was sitting in front of the Sky Sports studio when he saw Keane celebrating what looked to have been a late winner from United. However, the goal was ultimately later ruled out by VAR and Arsenal managed to win the contest late on.

Keane’s initial celebrations were the ‘catalyst’ for the attack, prosecutor Simon Jones told the court. He added that he felt Law was ‘intent on violence from the outset’.

The court heard that Law made his way to an area of the stadium before alledgedly headbutting Keane in the chest. The accused was then initially restrained by Richards but managed to flee the scene before being arrested the following day, it is claimed.

Law told officers that Keane ‘approached him in an aggressive manner’ which led him to move his head backwards.

Prosecutor Jones added: “There was simply no justification for the defendant’s violence. We say he was clearly the aggressor. His claims of needing to get a pre-emptive strike in lack credibility.”

The trial will continue, Law denies the charge of common assault.

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