Reddit users share best way to clean shower doors

People took to the post to share their cleaning tips on how to get it back sparkling with one person writing: “I remove them from time to time and spray chorine and brush the gunk with an old toothbrush, but still it gets disgusting after a while so I replace it every year or so.”

Another said: “Mine was so gross I just bought a new one from Home Depot.”

A third suggested: “I know others have said to remove, clean, and put it back, but honestly I’d just replace it entirely.

“It looks like the tight fit on the door has weakened and you’re going to keep having this problem if you don’t replace. They’re super inexpensive and available at home improvement stores.”

Another advised: “Just don’t do what I did… ie. remove it and clean it, then put it on backwards and not notice water seeping under it andruning down into the floorboards near the sink (my house is 150 years old and the floors aren’t straight). Woodlice!”

A user said: “Slide it off. Put hot water in your bath with bleach. It will look brand new.”

A fifth suggested: “I have something like that on my shower door. It pulls right off, clean the plastic part, clean the door, push it back on.”

Finally, another said: “Remove trim clean inside replace. Don’t use bleach as it will make the seal turn brittle.”

Do you have any cleaning suggestions?

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