Razer’s Kishi Ultra gaming controller brings haptics to your USB-C phone, PC, or tablet

Razer’s latest mobile gaming controller just released today, the Kishi Ultra, is an all-rounder that can switch between multiple devices. The controller has a built-in USB-C port that can work with the iPhone 15 series as well as most Android smartphones (Razer says it’s compatible with the Galaxy 23 series, Pixel 6 and up, the Razer Edge, and “many other Android devices.”) It also seems to work perfectly fine with Galaxy Z Fold 5 and other foldables. The controller can expand to fit your iPad Mini and any 8-inch Android tablets, and you can also tether it to your PC.

Razer’s Kishi Ultra can also work on tablets.

One interesting feature in the Kishi Ultra is the inclusion of Razer’s Sensa HD immersive haptics, which the company claims can take any audio — whether that be a game, movie, or music — and convert it to haptics. We saw the same haptics in Razer’s Project Esther concept gaming chair that it unveiled at CES. The Kishi Ultra is the first commercially available Razer product to feature the Sensa haptics, so it’ll give the general public a chance to try them out. The Sensa haptics won’t support iOS — it currently only works with Android 12 or above and Windows 11. The controller is also outfitted with a small pair of Chroma RGB lights, right below the joysticks.

Note that you’ll need to download the Razer Nexus app (available for both iOS and Android) for the Kishi Ultra to work. The app can launch mobile games, and is integrated with Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass, and the Google Play Store.

Razer also announced a new version of its less expensive Kishi V2 with a USB-C port for iPhone 15 and Android, one which similarly supports wired play on PC and the iPad.

Both the Razer Kishi Ultra and Kishi V2 USB-C are available in stores or online now, and are priced at $150 and $99, respectively.

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