PrettyLittleThing White Chunky Cleated Sole Sneakers Review

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One of my favorite things to do whenever I visit a new city is to simply walk around. As mundane as it may seem, I find that there are few ways better to immerse yourself in a destination than by taking it all in by foot. From marveling at architecture to wandering in and out of shops and grabbing a bite to eat at any hole-in-the-wall restaurants I spot along the way, walking through a city offers the most authentic glimpse of a place’s culture, community, and overall vibe — minus the usual (and unbearably crowded) tourist spots.

In my last few trips, I totaled 10 miles walking through Copenhagen, 11 miles in Paris, and eight miles strolling through London’s storied streets. When you saunter as aimlessly (and as often) as I do, having a pair of comfortable walking shoes becomes as essential as having a valid passport or physical currency in a foreign country. While I’ve tried my fair share of comfy sneakers, I’ve found these PrettyLittleThing White Chunky Cleated Sole Sneakers ($19, originally $48) to be the most reliable, supportive, and versatile for styling with a number of different outfits.

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Ahead, I detail what makes these travel sneakers so great — and why they’re a worthwhile buy ahead of any upcoming trips you might have planned.

What I Like About These PrettyLittleThing Sneakers

First and foremost, I love just how comfortable these walking shoes are. Given that they’re not from an athletic brand (like a Nike or Hoka) and that the shoes are relatively affordable, I had my doubts about just how supportive they could actually be. But after packing them for a trip to London and wearing them nonstop while abroad, I was amazed at how well they held up after several days in the city — most of which were just spent aimlessly strolling from Camden Market to Soho and beyond.

I found myself less reliant on the tube or Uber and more prone to just walk from one destination to another because of how remarkably supportive the shoes were. Even after logging eight miles, my feet never felt tired or cramped up; I even wore them to the airport going and coming home through what wound up being two of the longest travel days I’ve ever had. And again, I experienced zero aches or pains.

Another thing that I love is how classically stylish and simple these trendy sneakers are. While I’ve learned to simplify my packing habits over the years, I still struggle with over-packing shoes, and always assume I need more than I actually do; sandals for warm days, boots for colder ones, heels for evenings out, and sneakers for walking excursions is usually what’s included in my shoe rotation for trips. But when I’m lacking suitcase space and need a style that I can feel good about wearing for it all — even if I’m jumping from the airport to a work meeting and dinner later in the evening — these faux-leather sneakers have proven to be a failsafe option that goes with every outfit and eliminates the stress that comes with packing (in my case, over-packing) travel shoes.

What’s Worth Noting

As with most white sneakers, these shoes require that you clean them often. After every trip I’ve worn them on — from London to Seattle and even on the beach in Oceanside, California — I’ve had to clean them immediately upon returning home. Fortunately, the sneakers are made from a faux-leather material that’s easy to clean; I usually just dampen a wash cloth or towel with warm water, run the towel over the shoes, and wipe dirt off as needed. They’re much easier to clean than fabric sneakers, making them an even more functional travel shoe that you can truly take anywhere — regardless of the environment or activities you have planned.

Who Are These PrettyLittleThing Sneakers Best For?

If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that’s supportive, provides plenty of cushioning, and is primed for wear from the airport to the hotel and beyond, I can’t recommend these comfy sneakers enough. White shoes go with truly everything, meaning you can get away with just packing these for a trip; I love styling them with jeans, dresses, and even a corset and blazer look. Despite their high-quality design, the sneakers are also incredibly affordable, so you can add them to your wardrobe without having to exceed your shopping budget.

Additional Details

  • These sneakers are available to shop in US women’s sizes 5-12.
  • The shoes are made from a faux-leather material that’s sleek and waterproof.
  • With a lace-up design, users can easily adjust the shoe’s fit to better suit their comfort preferences.

Where Are These PrettyLittleThing Sneakers Available to Shop?

These chunky sneakers are available to shop exclusively at PrettyLittleThing.



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