Place this herb in your flour and oats to protect it from mites and other bugs

It’s important to store your grains properly, as certain bugs can try to get in them. 

If you’ve ever opened your flour and found little black bugs inside, they could’ve been weevils. There are thousands of species of weevils, some of which live in your garden

A few species of weevils can infiltrate your cabinets. AllRecipes said the most common types are rice, wheat and maize weevils. Both wheat and rice weevils are reddish brown, but the latter can fly. 

Once you see them in your food, you should immediately discard it. Not only are the bugs likely buried throughout the grains, they’ve probably laid eggs as well. 

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There is a way to prevent weevils. You should make sure your dry goods are kept in air tight containers. The bugs can sometimes chew through plastic bags and cardboard, so glass containers are best. 

Bay leaves have also been said to help repeal them. The herb has been said to produce a eucalyptol oil that repels insects including weevils. 

While studies have yet to definitively prove that true for weevils, studies have shown the herb repels cockroaches and mosquitoes.

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Just place one or two bay leaves in your flour, rice or oats, and put an airtight lid on top. 

The downside to placing bay leaves in your grains is that it can make your dry goods smell and taste like bay leaves. 

You can also try taping the leaves to the inside or outside of your containers or container lids.

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