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A Santander customer has vented their fury at the bank as she was blocked from her account leaving her unable to pay into her pension.

The saver got in touch over X to say: “I have banked with @Santanderuk for many years.

“Out of the blue my account is blocked. After many hours I still have not received a response. Debit orders will hop, my pension was not deposited. Thanks a lot @santanderuk.”

The bank apologised for the issue and asked if she had contacted the security team about the issue on 0800 151 3151.

She said: ” I have been in touch with everyone and the excuses are pathetic. I only want to know why?

“Debit orders (including my credit card) have not gone through. Does this mean I can assume that my credit card is paid up? The app says that I don’t have a credit card.”

Santander replied: “We don’t have access to customer accounts through this channel. We’d not be able to confirm this.

“It does seem that our security team would be best to help with this. The quickest way to reach them would be via phone call on 0800 151 3151.”

The unhappy customer replied to say they had just called the security number but they couldn’t find out what the problem was.

The bank then said they could try emailing their team at and they would look into it.

In another recent incident involving an unhappy customer, a mum contacted Santander as her teenage daughter was in another city with no access to her account.

The mum said over X: “Worse bank ever to leave a young teen on her own, in city she’s never been with no money or access to her account.

“Sickening. She’s never been overdrawn in years she’s had account.”

The mum went on to say the bank had asked the daughter to go to a branch to sort out the issue but it was closed.

Santander replied to her to say it was investigating what had happened. A representative said: “We’d like to apologise again, as it isn’t our intention to cause customers any inconvenience, especially when it comes to security.”

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