Ninja sale means shoppers can save £70 on 6-piece knife set

Attention home chefs and culinary enthusiasts: Top-quality kitchen brand Ninja is offering a fantastic deal on its premium Foodi StaySharp Knife Bundle. As part of its summer sale, the price has been slashed by 26% from £269.98 to £199.99 — a decent £69.99 saving. 

This limited-time offer is your chance to upgrade your kitchen arsenal with top-quality knives designed for precision and durability at a great price. The standout feature of this six-piece set is undoubtedly its self-sharpening mechanism; each slot in the block is equipped with a clever system that hones the blades every time they’re inserted or removed, ensuring they remain razor-sharp for the long haul.

In fact, Ninja promises that knives will stay in good condition for up to ten years, providing you a sense of security about your investment and ensuring you get the most for your money in the long run. 

What’s more, the set is a comprehensive solution for all your cutting needs, including a chef knife, bread knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and paring knife, and it comes with six steak knives for tackling tougher meat at dinner parties. Each knife also has an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable and secure grip, so you’re less likely to have any kitchen mishaps while slicing and dicing. 

Like most Ninja products, the kitchen appliance has racked up an abundance of five-star reviews, with many fans praising its top quality and nifty self-sharpening mechanism. One enthusiast expressed their love for the knives, stating that they make cutting meat and other ingredients a breeze, ‘cutting like butter through all things, making (meals) so much faster to prepare’. 

Another customer found the set to be a game-changer in their kitchen, making it easy and quick to prep various ingredients. They noted that the knives ‘slice through things with ease from meat to tomatoes’, a sentiment echoed by a third reviewer who rated it higher than the ones they worked with at cookery college, calling it the ‘best set of knives I have ever had’. 

There aren’t many negative reviews about the bundle, although one said the sharpening feature broke within three months. Although they finally received a refund, the unsatisfied customer complained that the complaint took too long to resolve. 

Still, this is a fantastic discount on a top-rated set of knives that promise to make meal prep easier. You can shop the Foodi StaySharp Knife Bundle via the Ninja website.

If the bundle is out of your price range, it might be worth checking out ProCook’s sale. The affordable kitchen brand has discounted a wealth of knife sets, including this five-piece set, now £49 from £69, and these titanium knives with a charcoal block, reduced to £29 from £39. 

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