National search to find Britain’s best builder’s cafe for fry up

Eateries across the country are being nominated by punters to find the one best at delivering the classic fry up. This competition was created after research found staggering 73% of adults felt their local cafe is the lifeblood of their local community – and more should be done to celebrate the Great British institutions.

Fix Radio, a builder’s radio station, will be crowning the winner based on a combination of public votes and trying the breakfast dishes themselves. The winner will be crowned later this year, with stickers placed in the shopfront windows of the winners to celebrate their success.

A spokesperson for Fix Radio said: “We’ll be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the best builder’s cafe. As our research shows, these institutions are highly valued by local people and provide such an important service. It’s only right we celebrate them and give back, as they have supported local communities across the country for decades.”

A huge 75% said they wish they could visit their greasy spoon more often than they currently do to tuck into a fry-up. On average, people are willing to travel as far as four miles to eat at their favourite cafe, according to the research of 2,000 adults. Nearly half (44%) said a Great British atmosphere was a crucial component for choosing an establishment, too.

Three-quarters of punters said price is a major factor when it comes choosing a cafe – and they’d be willing to fork out £9.15 for a fry-up at their establishment of choice.

Eggs (84%), sausages (82%) and bacon (80%) are the top non-negotiables when it comes to essential components of the fry-up. Also featuring highly on the list includes baked beans (67%), hash browns (50%) and grilled tomatoes (52%). Black pudding (29%), chips (8%) and white pudding (6%) languished towards the bottom as the least popular options.

And almost half (49%) of adults dismissed the idea of an eating vegetarian or vegan version of the full English entirely, research by OnePoll found.

The British cup of tea reigned supreme (55%) and ahead of coffee (43%), followed by orange juice (39%) and water (14%) as the beverage of choice.

A Fix spokesperson added: “Builders and a fry up at their favourite cafe go hand-in-hand. Getting it spot-on is the best way of putting a greasy spoon’s mettle to the test!”

“If you want to find out how good a cafe is for the building trade, then you’ve got to try its fry up. Our favourite bit of a fry up? It has to be the bacon – done to perfection and powering the trade through a hard day on site.”

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