‘My new husband has the hots for my 23-year-old daughter’

Deidre, 55, and her 63-year-old husband, Jason*, have been married for four years, but young Courtney* recently told her mum that Jason makes her feel uncomfortable.

“My 23-year-old daughter and I have a complicated relationship,” Deidre reported to the social media platform Reddit about her real life situation.

“She has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. She has a lot of trauma from watching me and my [former] husband’s horrible marriage go down and was bullied in school.”

Believing Courtney holds some sort of resentment towards her, Deidre hoped that seeing a healthier relationship model with Jason would help to heal childhood wounds.

“However, my daughter now doesn’t get along with my husband,” said Deidre. “She is a very introverted, creative person who likes immersing herself in escapism.”

Deidre elaborated: “So she’d get annoyed if she was sitting eating alone and my husband would sit across from her and eat.

“My husband started acting distant from me… and my daughter complained that his eyes lingered for too long.

“She got very angry and there was a lot of shouting and slamming of doors.”

Deidre revealed: “Finally my husband admitted he’s attracted to her and it’s hard to be around her all day.

“[He] said she was walking temptation and said that’s why he was avoiding [being intimate] with me.”

Understandably upset when hearing of this, and finding the living situation “unbearable”, Deidre decided: “Something would have to give.”

“I couldn’t collect my thoughts with both of them still being in the house,” Deidre said.

“So I gave my daughter money to stay at an extended stay hotel and asked her to utilise her college’s emergency financial and housing resources they have for students in need.”

Courtney then “responded by storming out” of the house, but Deidre insisted she’s not abandoned her daughter.

“She qualifies for those resources anyway since my ex is unemployed and we are in substantial debt,” Deidre justified.

“I just need time to process the situation and don’t want to leave my house to stay with my daughter when I have a marriage to figure out whether or not to save.”

Dedire asked other Reddit contributors if she was in the wrong for making her daughter move out of her house.

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