Mum with screaming child on quiet train coach slammed for poor parenting

A woman was fuming after she confronted a mother whose son was running and screaming in a train’s quiet carriage.

To the woman’s dismay, the mum snapped back and said her son was only two, and she can’t be expected to do anything about it.

The woman took to parenting forum, Mumsnet, to share what happened.

She explained that she specifically booked a seat in the quiet carriage as she intended to work for the duration of the four-hour train journey.

However, a child sitting on the other side of the aisle to her was watching content on his iPad at full volume.

“He has been running around up and down the aisle with another child, shouting, screaming and so on,” she added.

“I was trying to concentrate on something, listening on my headphones and politely asked the mum if they could keep it down. At this point the kid was literally next to my seat, in the aisle, jumping up and down and shouting.

“She just said, ‘he’s two, what do you expect me to do? I mean they’re kids, they’re little, they’re bored.'”

The woman went on to ask the forum if she was in the wrong complaining about the child.

She added: “But am I being unreasonable in thinking the parents should at least try and moderate their behaviour, remind them to be quiet, try and get them to sit down and do something a bit calmer? Even if it’s not always successful?”

Other mums in the forum were shocked at the mum’s entitlement.

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One said: “Did you point out it’s the quiet carriage? Is there a guard on board to kick her out? Entitled idiot!”

Another commented: “I’d speak to the ticket person/guard/conductor/whatever they’re called. She’s obviously pretty ignorant.”

But a third person tried to justify the mum’s actions as they claimed that sometimes people are automatically allocated to the quiet carriage.

They said: “Sometimes when you book a seat it allocates you one in the quiet coach. No one would deliberately book a seat there with small children.

“At the beginning of the year, I travelled from the Midlands to Scotland with my three-year-old.

“I did my best to keep him quiet but ultimately he has additional needs and doesn’t listen to a word I say.”

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