Mum fuming child had to sit on train floor, but internet has no sympathy for her

A woman was left fuming after no one offered her 10-year-old a seat on a crowded train, but the internet had no sympathy for her or her son.

In a viral TikTok video, the woman criticised “oblivious” commuters for their lack of “human decency,” expressing her frustration that her son had to sit on the floor throughout the journey.

The footage, which gained traction with 19.4K likes, was filmed aboard a Southern Rail train in London, although the exact location is unclear.

The video shows the woman, named Kelly, pointing her camera around the carriage to emphasize her point while her son, approximately 10 years old, sits in the aisle of the priority seating area while other passengers remain seated.

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Kelly fumed: “All these people watching my baby sit on the floor in [the] priority seats area! Oblivious.”

The incident sparked a debate in the comments section, with many arguing that adults shouldn’t be expected to give up their seats for children.

One commenter said they’d be frustrated if they saw a child occupying a seat on a crowded train.

“To be honest, I’d be fuming if I got on a busy train after a long day at work and a small child was taking up a seat,” they said.

Another wrote: “I’m heavily pregnant and I’d watch a child sit on the floor too. My kids move for an elderly person, it’s called respect.”

A third argued: “Quite right too. The adults should have the seats. Small kid is just fine where he is.”

According to the Southern Rail website: “Seats that are prioritised for people who are less able to walk or stand are clearly labelled in each carriage and are usually close to the exit doors.

“Passengers should give up priority seats if someone in need asks them.”

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