‘Mind game’ hack will have your home clean ‘twice as fast’

Cleaning can often be a chore that’s pushed to the bottom of the to-do list because it’s time-consuming and sometimes downright grimy, but one savvy woman has revealed a trick to blitz through it in record time.

TikTok cleaning guru @sierra.honeycutt admitted she’d “been so lazy lately” and had to “bring out the mind games” and “bribes” to tackle the mess in her house, otherwise she’d be too tempted to ignore the chaos.

Sierra confessed to feeling “unmotivated” as footage showed her snuggled under a blanket on the couch – prompting her to embark on a “one hour speed clean”.

She disclosed that when she hits a “slump”, she “sets a timer” for whatever time she can spare, “whether it’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour”, and entices herself with a reward to get psyched up for the cleaning spree.

In her clip, Sierra is seen tidying up toys scattered across the floor by her kids, and fluffing up the sofa cushions.

“Today, I am bribing myself with a bath and a good movie after the kids go to bed,” she divulged, explaining it’s like a “mind game” to promise yourself a treat for engaging in cleaning, which somehow makes you “clean twice as fast”.

Afterwards, she tackled her bathroom to “cash in” on her promised indulgence later, mentioning that the ticking timer is “always in the back of her head”, spurring her to clean more swiftly. She quipped: “I was literally sweating at this point.”

Sierra claimed there’s no better sensation than having a home that smells and feels fresh. As she was putting away some laundry, her timer sounded off, signalling she’d accomplished a fair amount.

In the comments section, Sierra received accolades for inspiring others to tidy up. One person commented: “Watching cleantok til I get motivation to clean… yours did it! Thank you!” Another shared: “My bribe is ordering food,” to which Sierra replied: “Whatever helps you get it done.”

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