Meta Quest will soon let you watch Netflix from its web browser

Netflix isn’t updating its Meta Quest app, but Meta’s doing the next best thing: adding web browser support. That means you can stream Netflix in high quality from the Quest’s Browser app, allowing you to swap between a flat 2D screen or a curved view to feel like you’re at the theater.

There hasn’t really been a good way to watch Netflix on the Quest. Netflix launched an app for the Quest in 2019, but the app caps video resolution at a paltry 480p and hasn’t received any recent updates. Until now, the Quest’s Browser app also blocked users from watching Netflix.

To get around this, some users have tried sideloading Netflix’s Android app, while others have opted to access Netflix through a browser on the Quest’s Virtual Desktop mode. But now that the Browser app will support Netflix in the “coming days,” there shouldn’t be a need for workarounds. The Apple Vision Pro similarly doesn’t have a dedicated Netflix app, forcing users to watch the service through Safari.

Meta is rolling out support for background audio as well, which will let you continue listening to music even after you minimize the 2D app it’s playing in. It’s also making improvements to passthrough on the Quest 3, along with external mic support and new wrist buttons.

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