Martin Lewis says buy a banana to get instant cash into account with £500 limit | Personal Finance | Finance

Martin Lewis has urged people to ‘buy a banana’ and get instant cashback from their bank with a credit card made specially for going on holiday.

Martin returned on his ITV1 The Martin Lewis Money Show Live on Tuesday night for a one-off special in which he talked about saving money on overseas spending.

Martin compared the best cards for spending while on holiday – Chase Debit Card, Halifax Clarity Credit Card and the Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card.

All three cards offer fee-free cash withdrawals from overseas ATMs up to a limit of £500 a day and all three offer near-perfect exchange rates, making them an ideal pick for taking abroad this summer.

Martin said that the Halifax card offers an instant £20 cashback even on a 1p purchase, meaning you can sign up for the card for free, spend 1p and then pocket £20.

To activate the deal you could do something as simple as buy a banana, and then you’ll get the £20 cashback within 90 days.

Martin explained: “Halifax Clarity, £20 cashback, but you have to do what I call a banana swipe. You go into the supermarket, you buy a banana, you swipe it, click, you’ve got the £20 cashback just for doing that.”

Martin added that the Chase card gives 1% cashback on spending up to a maximum of £15 a month while the Barclaycard will give you 0.25% on most UK and overseas spending to boot.

The two credit cards will require a credit check whereas Chase does not.

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