Logitech’s best gaming mouse is on sale for its best price to date

When we updated our guide to the best gaming mice last year, we had no idea Logitech would be rolling out the G Pro X Superlight 2 shortly thereafter. Less than a year later, the excellent gaming mouse remains the fastest the company has ever made — one that’s currently on sale at Amazon and Best Buy starting at $136.75 ($23 off), an all-time low.

Like the original model, the Superlight 2 is all about shedding weight while simultaneously ratcheting up the polling rate. The wireless mouse offers a 4kHz response rate thanks to a recent firmware update, along with a newer Hero 2 sensor that tracks at 500 inches per second (and up to 32,000 DPI). That combo, combined with the fact that the gaming mouse weighs a mere 60 grams (2.1 ounces), makes it ideal for esports PC players who desire high DPI / low in-game sensitivity. It also touts up to 95 hours of battery life when using its power saving modes (or 51 hours without) and compatibility with Logitech’s Powerplay charging mousepad, though, keep in mind that the new 4kHZ mode will eat up more battery life when engaged.

Personally, I have a hard time telling the difference between 1kHz and 2kHz polling — let alone a 4kHZ polling rate. However, I am a fan of the Superlight 2’s hybrid optical / mechanical switches, which still provide a satisfying click when pressed. I’m not a tournament gamer by any means, but if you want a pro-grade gaming mouse that will work great for work and play, it’s hard to go wrong with Logitech’s latest.

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