Lego debuts its first Minecraft set for adults

Minecraft is 15 years old, so it’s only natural that Lego should honor the anniversary with a set just for the game’s many adult fans. The company has started taking preorders for The Crafting Table, a 1,195-piece 18-and-up build, as Jay’s Brick Blog writes. The set will cost $89.99 in the US when it’s released on August 1st.

Lego says the set will include “familiar biomes, favorite mobs and hidden Easter eggs.” As the name suggests, the kit looks like an in-game crafting table. But inside of it is a Minecraft diorama featuring 12 biomes including Plains (with a village), Taiga (with a dripstone cave), and Cherry Grove (with an abandoned mineshaft).

It also has eight microfigures; among them are Steve, Alex, a skeleton, a Creeper, and a pig. And it incorporates five mini-builds and stickers that feature phrases from the game. The whole kit, once built, will measure 5.5 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches.

The Crafting Table will also be available in Australia (AU $129.99), the UK (£79.99), the EU (€89.99), Canada (CAD $119.99), and Singapore (SGD $149.99), according to Jay’s Brick Blog. Lego insiders get 585 points for picking up The Crafting Table.

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