Laura Woods puts Jose Mourinho in awkward spot during Champions League final coverage | Football | Sport

Laura Woods put Jose Mourinho in an awkward spot on live TV during the build-up to the Champions League final. Mourinho joined the TNT Sports panel to provide analysis before kick-off, with Real Madrid facing Borussia Dortmund under the Wembley arch.

The Special One has been out of work since leaving Roma earlier this year but is widely reported to be closing in on a return to management. It has been claimed that Mourinho is nearing an agreement to take charge of Fenerbahce in what would be his first job on Turkish soil.

Woods was quick to address the elephant in the room ahead of kick-off at Wembley, asking Mourinho: “Jose, do you think we’ll see you in European football next season?”

Mourinho issued a coy response, saying: “Yes, for sure, 100 per cent. The new Champions League [format] is going to be new at every level. These eight matches, four at home and four away, can be an amazing thing for teams like Newcastle. Good teams, good coaches and incredible atmospheres.”

Not satisfied with Mourinho refusing to give much away, Woods pressed for a firmer answer as she followed up with another question, asking: “It’s not the first time he’s done this, so I guess I’ll be more direct. Are you going to take the job at Fenerbahce?”

Mourinho paused for a moment before replying: “I would say that maybe I travel tomorrow, yeah,” which sparked laughter from the rest of the TNT Sports panel.

With an acceptable answer finally in the bag, Woods stood down as she confirmed: “That’s as much as we’re going to get. I don’t want to push you any more because I want you to stay in a good mood.”

Talks between Fenerbahce and Mourinho are still believed to be ongoing, with a deal not yet finalised despite it looking likely that the 61-year-old will be in their dugout next season. Speaking earlier on Saturday, he confirmed that he was eager to join Fenerbahce and looked ahead to their Champions League chances.

“I decided I want to go but it’s not done yet, I cannot confirm officially but yes, I want to go,” Mourinho told Sky Sports. “It’s hard because there are three rounds to go in qualification and in Fenerbahce’s case, eight players are in the Euros and they are not coming for pre-season before the first round.

“But if I go, you know that I like challenges. So if I go, we’re going to fight to be in the Champions League.”

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