Laundry hack mum swears by costs just £1 and saves her hours of hard work

When you’re a mum, laundry is a task that can feel entirely laborious. That’s why one mum came up with a tried and true hack that she uses to make laundry day less of a hassle.

“This one tip may save you hours of laundry angst,” the mum, who goes by @the_organised_mum on TikTok, said in a video where she detailed how she does her family’s laundry to save her hours of her free time.

She grabbed the life-saving item that helps her out with her laundry and explained: “This is a laundry net or a sock net, usually used to keep your delicates intact. A few years ago I gave every single member of my family one of these, because I was sick of not being able to work out whose socks were whose.”

She shared that her family all wears black socks for school and work. Her clever solution to sort the socks out, was telling each person to take a laundry net and put things like their pants and socks inside and zip it up before popping it in the laundry basket.

This way, everyone’s items are already separated from one another, making it easier to figure out things like which black sock belongs to who.

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“Now I know for some of you even getting it there, getting your family to do that is a challenge. But, let’s say it gets to the laundry basket.

“Then you just pop it straight in the washing machine, it stays in the net, and then just make sure you don’t overfill it. That’s really important, because everything has to swish around and get clean.

“But straight in the tumble dryer. And when they’re dry, you give them back, and you can pair your own socks, you don’t lose any socks, and you will save hours with the laundry,” she concluded.


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Some people in the comments section were very appreciative of the time-saving tip, with some thinking it was uber smart.

One person said: “You are a genius.”

Another added: “This is a great tip!”

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