Landslide caused by heavy rain buries 20 people inside two buses | World | News

At least 20 people have been buried underneath a rain-induced landslide in The Phillippines.

Rescuers were called to the Barangay Masara, Maco, in the Davao de Oro province just before 8pm local time on Tuesday, February 6.

Officials say three buses from the nearby gold mine were travelling in the area when the adverse weather conditions caused the landslide.

Eight people managed to escape from the buses, with two more rescued following a major operation. Another 20 people are believed to be missing.

Authorities say the rescue has been complicated by “destroyed” and “very muddy” roads. Senator Dick Gordon says more rescuers – including drones – will be sent to the area later today.

A number of houses are also thought to have been hit by the landslide.

Gordon said: “We were not allowed to enter until this morning. Our team was able to retrieve 2 injured passengers, and they are currently being cared for.

“Our ambulance was quite a distance away, as the roads were destroyed and very muddy, but we are making efforts to bring the injured to the ambulance and transport them to the hospital. Additionally, we have PRC Welfare Volunteers in Davao Community Hospital to monitor the status and address other needs of the patients.

“We will be sending additional logistics, such as Volunteer Emergency Response Vehicles (VERV), 6×6 trucks, food trucks, water tankers, and drones, and more personnel from other nearby Red Cross chapters to assist and augment the current operations.”

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