Keylor Navas accused of ‘modern slavery’ and ‘forcing employee to live in ‘damp basement’ | Football | Sport

Former Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Keylor Navas has been accused of ‘modern slavery’ by his former assistant.

According to French broadcaster BFM TV, the complainant was filed with the Versailles public prosecutor’s office and claimed that the shot-stopper worked ‘to his rules’ and not those of the French law.

Yassine Yakouti, lawyer for the alleged victim, said: “We are at the border of criminal law with facts that, in my opinion, can be considered as bordering on modern slavery. Even if you are a football star, you do not have the right to be exempt from all the rules.”


Navas is said to have paid the assistant €3,200 (£2,700) per month in cash for working up to 90 hours per month. The claimant says that they did not receive a payslip for his wages and the transactions were made without being registered with social security.

The alleged victim has also claimed that the conditions that they were forced to work in were unsatisfactory.

They claim that Navas forced them to be armed with a pistol, which the ex-Forest loanee would use recreationally at times in his garden.

The alleged victim also claims that they were made to live in poor conditions, being housed in a ‘damp, windowless basement’.

The claimant worked for Navas for 20 months, starting in September 2019. The Costa Rica international was playing for PSG during that time, and he has since left the club as a free agent after he was not offered a new contract with the club following four fruitful years in the Ligue 1.

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