Israel destroys Hamas tunnel filled with weapons in explosive footage | World | News

Israel has shared footage of the IDF destroying a tunnel in Gaza as the war with Hamas continues.

The video footage shows Israeli troops using diggers to uncover a manhole that leads down into the tunnel network.

They then carry out boxes containing weaponry such as bombs, shells grenades, and RPG missiles.

Finally, the footage then cuts to an aerial shot of the area being destroyed with explosives.

This comes as the IDF also shares footage from its 179th Brigade of the Yahalom Unit, who were working alongside the Israeli Navy’s Flotilla 13.

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They too found a part of Hamas’ tunnel network in central Gaza.

Several tunnel shafts were found leading to hundreds of metres of tunnels, the IDF claimed.

Posting on X, the IDF added: “The tunnel network was destroyed by the engineering forces of the 99th Division and the Yahalom Unit.”

On Thursday, Hamas accused Israel of striking al-Mawasi near Khan Younis. Al-Mawasi is supposed to be a “safe-zone” for people in Gaza.

Israel has continued to ramp up its military operations in Gaza, but this has led to concern from some in the international community.

Foreign Secretary David Cameron has told Israel to let more aid into Gaza.

He said: “Israel has a right to combat Hamas and to stop a 7 October event happening again – it was an appalling slaughter, an appalling event – and we support them as they do that. But we must have more aid in Gaza to stop starvation, to stop disease.”

The UN’s human rights chief Volker Turk has also said he is “very disturbed” by a suggestion made by some Israeli spokespeople that people in Gaza could be transferred to other countries.

He said: “Very disturbed by high-level Israeli officials’ statements on plans to transfer civilians from #Gaza to third countries. 85 percent of people in Gaza are already internally displaced. They have the right to return to their homes.”

Israeli ambassador to the UK Tzipi Hotovely also refused to deny that she wanted to see the whole of Gaza “destroyed” during an appearance on LBC on Thursday.

She said: ″I really want to mention that Gaza has an underground tunnel city, and in order to get to this underground tunnel city those areas must be destroyed.

“And one of the things we exposed to the world after getting into the areas in Gaza that we try to find all those tunnels and underground metro-city that Hamas has built thanks to this great support of Iran, Qatar, the international community’s generosity, everything turned into this horrible terror city.

″One of the things we realised is that every school, every mosque, every second house, has access to the tunnels. And of course ammunition.”

Host Iain Dale then said: “That’s an argument for destroying the whole of Gaza, every single building in it.”

The ambassador replied: “So, do you have another solution to destroy the underground tunnel city? This is the place where the terrorists hide, where they have all their ammunition.

“And these are the rockets that are still being fired on Israeli cities.”

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