‘I was brutally honest with my brother about why nobody includes him’

A woman has taken to Reddit to share her brutal honesty with her brother, who felt left out of family events and social gatherings. The man was upset that he wasn’t included in the sibling group chat and rarely received invitations to family functions.

He also expressed his disappointment about being ignored by his colleagues outside of work hours. However, his sister didn’t mince words when explaining why he found himself in this situation.

She told him bluntly that his behaviour and preference for spending most of his free time alone in his room were the reasons behind his exclusion.

“He doesn’t have any other hobbies or interests. He doesn’t make an effort to engage with people and reach out to people. He isolates himself from everyone. I told him you can’t expect people to include you and reach out to you when you hide in your room all day and you don’t make an effort yourself to engage with people.”

“My brother got upset when I told him this, but I felt like he needed to hear it because it’s the truth.”

However, the woman didn’t get much support on social media, with some suggesting that she was being harsh. One user posted: “Why do you have a family group chat and he is not on it? I have one for my spouse and children and one for my parents and siblings (and any inlaws that care), and we only create one without someone for temporary purposes like planning group gifts for my parents. […] Add your brother to the chat.”

Another chimed in, saying: “This isn’t really helpful feedback he can act on. He says people don’t include him in things and you say it’s because he’s always just alone at home. Maybe suggest how he might more effectively reach out to people. Or how to ‘make an effort to engage with people’. And I’d be p***ed if I learned that my other siblings had a group chat and didn’t bother to include me.”

Someone else concurred, expressing disbelief at the family’s actions: “None of the reasons you listed is enough for him to be ostracized by people, especially family. WTF is he not in the Family group chat? ? That is just ridiculous and y’all are a**holes for that. Does he ever make attempts to be sociable? He sounds like an introvert or someone with social anxiety.”

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