I took £20 to a car boot sale and came out with huge haul

Emma Gill had a delightful time when she visited a local car boot sale, snagging some fantastic bargains.

Good old-fashioned Sunday “booties” are loved by buyers and sellers alike. Emma discovered that the Bolton Car Boot Sale in her local area also opens its gates every Wednesday, with sellers arriving from 10am – a far more respectable time for late risers.

As these weekday markets continue to gain traction across the UK, car boots offer a fun and frugal trip out for anyone who isn’t an early bird.

Emma arrived shortly after 11am at the venue near the Bolton Wanderers stadium in Horwich. With £20 in her pocket, she was ready to find herself some incredible bargains.

Just like most car boot sales, there were rows upon rows of car boots, quickly set up pasting tables and clothes rails to have a look at. With an inventory ranging from clothes to trainers, toys, tools, toilet rolls (36-pack for £6, if you’re curious), plants, computer games, and just about anything else you could possibly need.

Emma watched the hustle and bustle going on around her, saying “One young lad who seemed thrilled with the tub of mini cars his mum had bagged, insisting on carrying the entire box while being pushed around in his trolley. It’s at places like this where you can find those elusive toys your child loves but are no longer stocked in stores.”

She also saw another customer eagerly rummaging through a box of plates, likely hunting for hidden gems that could yield a decent profit.

But the main attraction at this midweek market appeared to be ‘the meat man’, who sets up his large blue Nationwide Meats truck every Wednesday and Sunday, clearly doing a roaring trade.

Commenting on watching him work, Emma said: “One bloke ahead of me snagged ‘£80 worth of tomahawk steaks’ for just £30 and even bagged a free roll of beef into the bargain. Another punter walked away with minty lamb, ribs, and chicken all for a score.”

She also confessed that she “fell for the ‘plenty for £20’ deal. Initially eyeing some steaks, I soon found myself parting with a crisp note for a hefty bag brimming with 770g of peppered steaks, a whopping 2.7kg of jumbo sausages, and 3kg of chicken drumsticks clueless as to where I’d stash my haul.”

Initially worried, Emma braced herself for a game of freezer Tetris, but having snapped up so much meat for just £20, she concluded that “there are worse problems to have.”

Car boot sales have always been a hit with bargain hunters, and their popularity is only growing as the cost of living crisis continues. These sales are held all over the country, with many regular “booties” hosting additional mid-week sales alongside their usual Sunday events.

Most car boot sales charge sellers a pitch fee and buyers a small entrance fee. Many also operate on a pay-on-the-day basis, meaning sellers don’t need to book in advance.

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