‘I called the police on my thieving teenage niece…’


“I have a sister who has a 16-year-old daughter,” Sylvia shared to Reddit, and the teenager has become “mouthy” and believes she’s “invincible”.

“Recently, she’s gotten sticky fingers,” Sylvia said of her teenage niece. “She’s been banned from the mall in our neighbourhood.”

Sylvia added: “She was suspended from school for taking a girl’s phone and she’s even tried to pawn her mother’s wedding ring.

“I don’t like my niece at my house for this reason. I have worked too hard for my things for them to be stolen.”

Sylvia revealed: “Two weeks ago, I noticed the patio door was unlocked and I make sure I lock all my doors before I leave. My fiancé suggested we get cameras so we put cameras in the house.

“Last week, my fiancé and I went to go look at wedding venues and we were gone all day, when we got back… we checked the cameras.

“Sure enough, my niece and her friends somehow picked the lock to the window and she was in our house for hours with two guys.”

Caught red-handed, the cameras revealed that the teenagers, including Sylvia’s niece, took money and stole her fiancé’s Rolex.

She claimed: “They also took my grandmother’s wedding ring that she left for me when she passed away last year from cancer,” said Sylvia.

“They were eating snacks and watching TV, shoes on our table and couch. Just like they live there and this is normal.”

Sylvia rang her sister, Jean*, and told her what she saw and said that the teenagers have two days to return all the stolen goods.

When two days went by, and nothing had been returned, Sylvia called the police and showed them the footage.

“I got a call later from my sister crying and screaming that I should have told her beforehand,” Sylvia shared.

“My mum called me and said that ‘you don’t have kids so you don’t understand’. I told her it doesn’t matter if I have kids or not, she committed a crime.”

Sylvia believes she didn’t do anything wrong, but her mum and sister think otherwise.

“My sister and her husband said they won’t be coming to our wedding… and I told them the invitation was revoked when your daughter stole my things!”

Sylvia confessed: “I did not want to call the police, which is why I gave her two days…”


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