How to make your supermarket roses look pretty for free

Roses are red, violets are blue, but sometimes supermarket flowers can leave you feeling a little bit sad.

That’s because they never seem to look as pretty as the expensive bouquets you can buy for upwards of £50. While some last longer than others, it’s impossible to tell your flowers’ longevity just by looking at them when they’re in the shop.

But one man has shown how you can make your flowers look ‘really pretty’ free of charge – just like the fancy subscription flowers some opt to buy.

Picking up a bunch of £5 roses for your beloved can feel like a real win.

But when they look worse for wear in a day or two, it can make you gutted.

Alex, who posts on TikTok as @acfloralstudio, said: “This is the best tip for your supermarket roses.”

Firstly, you need to “take all the leaves off”.

According to Heinen’s Grocery Store, you should: “Snip off any leaves that will be below the waterline in the vase. Leaves that are submerged in the water create bacteria that are harmful to the roses. The amount of water you put in your vase depends on the flower food packets you use.”

Alex also recommended taking off the “guard petals”, which he referred to as “these ugly ones”.

He then pulled the petals over his thumb to open them up and make them look lovely, saying “hope that helped”.

In the comments, some were concerned about the method though, with someone saying that they wouldn’t last as long, writing: “While this looks really pretty, your flowers won’t last as long if you reflex them like that. Also be sure to cut the stems every few days.”

Someone jibed: “Best tip is to stop buying your flowers at a supermarket…” Another added: “I don’t like them open.”

Prestige Flowers recommends: “Once your roses are in the vase, you can take a few minutes to tease the tops of the buds.

“This will encourage them to open up. Don’t be too rough or you could cause damage. You should only pry the petals open a few millimetres each time.”

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