How to clean mattress stains without scrubbing using hack

Mattress stains could be a thing of the past with this hack.

Even if you have the strictest cleaning routine of all time, your mattress will eventually become stained. Whether it’s through sweat, blood, or accidentally marking it with something when you’re changing your bedsheets, it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

Getting rid of mattress stains, however, isn’t easy. You can’t put your mattress through a washing machine cycle, and many stain-removing products require you to spend hours scrubbing away in the hopes of eventually lifting the mark.

But according to one cleaning guru on TikTok, you don’t need to bother with complicated cleaning methods. All you need is one bathroom essential and some patience.

In a post shared by @homewithleanne, Leanne explained you can lift stains from your mattress with just one product that many of us already have in our bathroom cabinets – shaving cream.

Simply squirt the foam onto your mattress and spread it around with your hand so that it covers the stained area. Leanne did not rub the product into the mattress, but spread it out and left it to sit on the surface.

She then recommended leaving the product to work for an hour before wiping it away with a damp cloth.

This process alone should lift the stain and leave your mattress looking good as new, however, you should wait until the mattress is dry before putting your bedsheets back on.

In her caption, Leanne explained why the hack works.

She wrote: “It sounds crazy, but it actually works! Here’s why. Shaving cream contains:

“1. Surfactants that LIFT STAINS. 2. Emulsification that REMOVES OILS. 3. Foaming agents that HELP LIFT AND REMOVE THE STAIN. Try it out and try it now! Your mattress will thank you!”

Commenters were blown away by Leanne’s video, with many saying they couldn’t wait to try the hack out for themselves the next time it was time for a bedsheet change.

One person said: “I’m going to try tomorrow to get my husband’s sweat stains out!”

Another commented: “Leanne I could hug you right now I have been looking for a mattress hack. Thank you,” and a third also wrote: “My son smashed a pear core on the mattress while the protector was in the wash. Definitely going to try this today!”

Leanne later answered some questions about the hack as she admitted the trick “probably wouldn’t work” on blood stains, although she’s yet to try it herself.

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