‘How should I approach my friend about finding her boyfriend on Tinder?’

Online dating has become the norm for finding Mr or Mrs Right. Whether you have met someone through a dating app or not had any luck we tend to know someone with their own Tinder story.

Now a user has taken to the online forum site Reddit to share their own story. In a thread titled ‘How should I approach my friend (29F) about finding her boyfriend (32M) on Tinder?’

The post stated: “I’ve seen people saying to just send the screenshots, but I feel it may be a bit inappropriate without talking to her first. The thing is, she’s not a very close friend, just one of my friends from a bigger circle.

“That being said, I’m certain they were still together about two weeks ago but haven’t really heard anything more recently.

“I saw that guy’s 100% active profile today and I am not sure if it’s better to call and check if everything is okay first and then tell her, or just send the pictures right away in case she doesn’t believe or doesn’t want to see them after I call?”

People took to the thread to share their thoughts and advice about the situation with one person writing: “I would probably just text and say ‘Did you guys break up recently, or have a big fight?’

“Because I noticed that ‘Jake’ was active on Tinder today, and I know you were still together as of two weeks ago.”

Another added: “I’m sorry to hear it if you broke up, and hope you’re doing OK. I’m often the last in our group to learn about these things.”

One person suggested: “Just a few options: Like others already told you, send screenshots.

“Call her tell her, send screenshots if she desires. Go drink a coffee and tell her face to face.”

Another said: “You don’t, stay out of it and you mind your own business.”

What do you think the Reddit user should do in this situation? Let us know in the comments.

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