Horror as EasyJet flight from Edinburgh comes within seconds of crashing into Lake Geneva | World | News

An EasyJet flight from the UK narrowly avoided crashing into Lake Geneva last year, an investigation has found.

On November 5 last year, the Airbus A320 Neo, carrying 157 passengers from Edinburgh to Geneva, came dangerously close to the water as it approached the runway.

The Tribune de Genève reported that the plane was just 750 feet above the lake, 7.5 miles from the runway.

The Swiss Safety Investigation Service (SESE) opened an investigation on January 16, classifying the incident as serious.

According to SESE, “During the approach to runway 22, the aircraft descended significantly below the glideslope, and the flight crew initiated a go-around.”

The reason for the low altitude is still unknown, according to local reports. The incident was spotted by air traffic controllers who urgently told the crew to “Check your altitude immediately!”

The pilots reacted quickly, avoiding a collision with the water by accelerating and regaining altitude over Thonon.

They successfully landed on their second attempt. The report revealed that if the descent had continued, a crash would have occurred within 30 seconds, according to ADSBexchange.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of the dangerously low altitude during the critical phase of the flight.

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