Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for May 31


You’re about to uncover a secret that has been kept from you. This revelation is so significant that it may completely shake up a situation or relationship you thought was solid and dependable. You will find it hard to believe someone you trusted has not been honest with you.


You love to use your imagination and enjoy being creative but there is a time and place for everything. It will be your inborn streak of practicality that will serve you best today. Other people have plenty of ideas but some will be relying on luck rather than good judgement in their hope to be successful.


Too many things have been left unsaid recently. You can’t keep holding back your thoughts and feelings. For the sake of your mental health, go out of your way to communicate your thoughts and wishes. Say what you have to say and say it clearly.


In work and finances, you’re on the right track. You are seeing the positive consequences of recent good decisions. Even so, don’t let success go to your head or mistakes could be made. Keep goals realistic. Don’t be tempted into trying to achieve the impossible.


Generosity runs through you like a stick of rock. You are a master at bringing ideas to life. People will be drawn into a new group or project you are setting up and they will feel like they are involved in something special. If someone makes some interesting suggestions, let them experiment.


Friends or relatives who normally get on well together seem to have fallen out with each other. You might wish they would tell you what is going on. It would be better to act as if you haven’t noticed. It won’t be long before today’s nail-biting drama is over.


You can’t decide how you really feel about events affecting your professional life. If you’re uncertain about what is being expected of you, watch and listen to those who are experienced in this area and copy them. A senior colleague will point you in the right direction.


A relationship is draining your energy. It doesn’t matter how much you give to someone, they offer you nothing but negativity in return. Today will bring the final episode in this partnership. It will come as an enormous relief to know it will soon be all over.


Should you go back, go forward or stay where you are? Dwelling on the past can hold you back. If you feel your life is lacking in some way, contentment won’t just arrive at your door. You need to look for it. Start filling your life with activities you enjoy the most.


You don’t have to join in but you should not stop a partner or workmate from experimenting with new ideas. You may not be as keen as they are to try a different approach but if you leave them to it, you could well benefit from their creative way of thinking.


Refuse to repress your creative impulses. You have a vivid imagination and to neglect this would be like failing to water a plant. Make time in your schedule to paint, write, play music or work on handicrafts. Keep focusing on what you instinctively feel is right for you.


You have to work to keep a romance exciting. Take a trip out together. Include activities you used to enjoy but haven’t had a lot of time for. If you are single and feel attracted to someone, if they are available, ask them for a date.

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