Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for May 14


You’re looking for a suitable excuse to avoid having to look at financial affairs. This is not because you don’t acknowledge how important they are. You are just up to your eyes in work and other responsibilities that you aren’t able to give other matters any attention. Changes in the workplace leave your department short of staff.


There have been talks for some time about new possibilities. This time it is more than mere speculation. Someone is at the end of their contract and it is very likely they will be moving on. This means you have a chance to step into their shoes. Be ready to act promptly.


Accept an invitation to a party or dinner. This is the chance you have been hoping for to make amends for your recent reluctance to join in with social get-togethers. Others have not realised how tied up you have been with career and other important responsibilities. Now you can make up for any misunderstandings.


Because you take an empathic, non-judgemental approach when people seek your advice, a friend will value your observations. You may not be able to help them fix a situation but by talking things through, they seem able to make better sense of it all. This will mean they can move forward with greater confidence.


Someone in power will act as if they have a right to intrude on your privacy. You do not have to explain everything or answer all their questions. If you have the right to withhold information, don’t let them bully you into revealing more than you are comfortable with.


Because of the challenges you are up against, the lack of anything to show at the end of a hard day’s work will not help to cheer you. When your mind starts straying to other areas this is a sign that you’ve had enough of facts and figures and you’re in need of some form of light diversion.


It will be a waste of time and effort to keep going with something that isn’t working. Change step when you find you are making no progress in a work or social situation. Take some time away from an issue that is bothering you. Consider a different approach.


Evidence of wrongdoing at work will be tested and challenged. There are some significant questions about a story you had been led to believe was true. Now you doubt this. Gather facts behind the scenes to build a strong case. Someone who has made a mistake will have to account for themselves.


Due to a colleague’s absence expect to have to assume more responsibility. Going above and beyond the call of duty will help you up the ladder of success. If you’re searching for work, you could be looking in the wrong place or wrong field. A new location would greatly improve your prospects.


Your main objective will be to fit as much as you possibly can into the day. You always like to be organised and you will soon work out a system to get the most out of the time you have available. Your loved ones will be more understanding than expected when you have to pull out of family plans at the eleventh hour.


A family issue can no longer be ignored. Even if you had other plans you will be changing them. You have no choice but to give your time to a matter which you feel has been handled in all the wrong way. Remain cautious and don’t allow past achievements to distract you from current goals.


It is probably an understatement to say you haven’t been seeing eye to eye with a business or romantic partner. When you consider the number of times you have fallen out recently over the silliest of arguments, you might be surprised you are still together.

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