Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for February 12


You won’t be in the mood to fall in with your usual routines and you aren’t going to pretend otherwise. You will try to keep your mind on the present but memories of past holidays and thoughts of future travel possibilities will take over. You will feel more relaxed when able to let your mind wander.


Job and outside matters are causing tension and discord. You are disappointed with the way some people cut corners just to get jobs done and you know that this means there will be problems ahead. You’d rather do things properly.


You could talk the hind legs of a donkey. People will support you because you have a way of making everything sound so interesting. You could be surprised by your progress when you had expected to be struggling with a difficult task. This proves how having the right kind of help can make a difference.


If there are any legal issues connected to your current concerns, they will be dragging on longer than you would like or prefer. A communication suggests these should be cleared by the end of the week. You are hoping this will be the case.


You were hoping to have received results of an application, interview or examination by now. Keep telling yourself that your wait will soon be over. Friends you are in touch with share your wavelength. They understand you are concerned about a private matter and will want to help.


You wouldn’t have so many problems getting things done if other people sharing your world took their responsibilities as seriously as you do. It would also help if a housemate or workmate was more cooperative. You’re tired of hearing their complaints. You have a few of your own to air too.


An offer that comes as a surprise will have a huge effect on your future if you were to accept it. You have a lot of thinking to do first. This is your chance to gain through a wider variety of experience but now it is here, is it what you really want?


People are piling pressure on you to act after a recent tense incident. You still haven’t decided what you want to do and you won’t be pushed into making a move you aren’t ready for. Something that has been difficult to find will at last be located.


Before signing a contract, even if you are eager to get this matter out of the way, check you understand all implications of the wording. Be careful who you trust. If you are uncertain about anything, get a second opinion.


You don’t mean to take everything that is said the wrong way but that’s what you will be accused of today. You aren’t usually so hypersensitive. Something is going on that is making you nervous. It might help to talk.


You are in a determined frame of mind. You have decided on what you want to do and no-one will be able to talk you out of it. Work matters will proceed as expected. Time alone later, will give you the freedom to pursue feelings buried deep within.


You will admit to feeling lacking in energy. You would happily leave some jobs for another day if you can get away with it. You will prefer to dream the day away. This is far less strenuous than any physical chores you should be doing.

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