Get rid of watermarks on a glass stove top using a surprising method

Cleaning may not be at the top of our lists when it comes to time off. Especially if you’ve had a busy week at work and all you want to do is relax.

However, Reddit is a great forum for hacks and cutting corners when it comes to cleaning.

In a thread titled on the forum site, a user wrote: ‘I hate glass stove tops!!! Any ideas on how to clean these watermarks?’

The user shared a picture of their glass over top covered in marks with the user struggling to get it clean.

However, people shared their tips and advice for getting rid of the watermarks, with one person writing: “Bar Keepers Friend powder, a non-scratching scrub pad, and some elbow grease.”

Another said: “Pour vinegar on, then baking soda on top and let sit for a bit. Scrub off with a magic eraser and use a razor blade to remove whatever is left over.

“I had that same stove top in my last place and it’s how I always removed those stains.”

A user commented: “I clean mine with baking soda poured heavily all over it grab a clean dish towel get it damp and pour some dawn on the end then rub in circles along where it has any marks.

“Then take a microfiber cloth once it’s wiped down and dry and buff the streaks out.”

A fifth suggested: “My mother uses a razor with soft soap which is for the stove. She gently scrapes the spots off along with the soap. I just watched her do this.

“I thought it wouldn’t work but it looked as good as new.”

Another recommended: ” I have poliboy glasceramic scraper and priva Glas ceramic cleaner.

“Priva before the scraper and after. Looks like new for a while.”

Finally, a user said: “Liquid Barkeeper’s Friend and a sponge.

“Liquid is less abrasive than the powder so less chance of leaving scratches in the glass.”

Do you have any cleaning suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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