Gardeners’ free tip to bring wilted hydrangeas back to life within minutes

Hydrangeas are a gorgeous addition to any bouquet, and while they grow on fairly low maintenance shrubs, the water-hungry blooms can quickly dry out when they’re cut.

The stunning pastel flowers have a way of going from luscious blooms to brown and crispy within hours because of how moisture-demanding they are.

Thankfully, gardeners have a knack for reviving the wilted flowers and have them looking lively once again.

Because of hydrangeas’ thick woody stems, it can make it difficult for the flower to get the water it requires.

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Once the flowers are revived, you can maintain its appearance by misting the petals daily to make sure it remains hydrated.

Another hack to ensure the flowers stay hydrated, is to cut the stem at a deep angle to increase surface area, allowing the flower to absorb more water.

Trimming away any leaves can also extend the flower’s lifespan as excess foliage can steal the moisture required by flowers.

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