Four zodiac signs will have the ‘most luck’ in July

A new month is nearly here, and with this fresh start comes new predictions for the zodiac signs.

In July, there are four signs in particular that are predicted to have the ‘most luck’, according to an astrologist on social media. People who fall under these categories have been urged to look out for any key life changes coming their way, and use them to better themselves.

Evan Nathaniel Grim, also known as @innerworldsastrology on TikTok, says that certain signs can make the most of what might be a ‘slightly challenging’ month that lies ahead.


If this is your star sign, you have the new moon in your sign this month, which can often be seen as an opportunity for a fresh start – especially for partnerships.

Evan said: “You’re in a pretty good position to move on from any relationships that have been dragging you down, or teaching you the same lessons over and over. And so now you can meet people who are really revolutionary for you.”


In July, Geminis are being pushed to ‘explore new possibilities and places’.

Evan said: “Now you are likely experiencing an uptick in pressure in your career and experiencing some delays there, but you will be equipped with your full power during the last 12 days of the month.”

He highlighted that this is a good time to ‘execute all kinds of ambitious ideas’ with some financial gains possibly happening during the first half of the month.


Although there may be a lot of ’emotional turbulence’ in July due to the two full moons in this sign, the second one can help you break free of any ‘stagnation’.

Evan said: “You can relieve yourself of any burdens or guilt, and you can go out there and harmonise with someone new who is not keeping you locked in the same patterns of the last 16 years.


Leos can look forward to a ‘very socially active month’ in July – especially in the second half.

Evan warned: “You will have to overcome some temptations though and avoid giving in to any problematic habits.

“And by the middle of the month, Mercury will be in its pre shadow phase in your sign so you’ll have to be judicious in your communications.

“But I still think it’s going to be a fun month for you, and you’ll probably go to a lot of parties.”

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