F1 LIVE: Max Verstappen blasts FIA rule as Christian Horner could lose another key man | F1 | Sport

Former McLaren mechanic Marc Priestley believes Red Bull boss Christian Horner could be about to lose Jonathan Wheatley in addition to Adrian Newey.

Wheatley, who is Red Bull‘s long-term sporting director, has been linked with an exit since Newey announced that he would be leaving the team in early 2025.

Speaking in a YouTube video, Priestley said: “Adrian is the first of those really high-profile cards to topple, but there are now others who are very close to doing the same thing.

“Jonathan Wheatley, the sporting director, someone who has been there for a long, long time, also now [is] potentially looking for a way out and I happen to know that he is not the only one considering, seriously, an exit from the team.

“If you’re not happy in your work environment, and if that is genuinely the case at Red Bull, it will be no surprise to see more people, particularly at the higher end, start to think and consider other options that are on the grid.”

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