F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton admits to talks with icon as Red Bull warned over Max Verstappen | F1 | Sport

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he has held talks with Boris Becker and Serena Williams to discuss his future.

Speaking to GQ Magazine, he explained: “I’d spoken to so many amazing athletes, from Boris Becker to Serena Williams, even Michael Jordan.”

Hamilton said the talks helped him prolong his own career, encouraging him to find other passions in order to prepare for the time he does retire.

“Talking to greats that I’ve met along the way, who are retired – or some that are still in competition – and the fear of what’s next, the lack of preparation for what’s next. A lot of them said: ‘I stopped too early.’ Or: ‘Stayed too long.’ ‘When it ended, I didn’t have anything planned.’ ‘My whole world came crashing down because my whole life has been about that sport.’

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